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June 6, 2019. Aalaiyah, 10, plays on the riprap enforced banks surrounding the community of Split Lake in Northern Manitoba, Canada wearing a hat bearing the name of the Keeyask dam being built 60km downstream in which the community is a partner. Elders often speak about how they used to swim and play in the shallow waters catching crayfish that are now rarely seen, they lament that their grandchildren are unable to do the same as the shoreline in normally flooded and the polluted waters are known to cause rashes.

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Project on the legacy of hydro electric enegry in Manitoba
aaron vincent elkaim
Jan 22, 2021
A little late. My long term project on the legacy of hydroelectric development and environmental colonialism in Manitoba's, North. Published in the Narwhal.

State of erosion: the legacy of Manitoba Hydro | The Narwhal
Ninety-seven per cent of energy produced in Manitoba comes from hydroelectricity. The vast majority of that energy comes from a string of dams on the Nelson River system in the province’s north. There, a sixth mega dam, known as the Keeyask, is...

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